Frozen Bubble Collection

Frozen Bubble 1 (req java). - .A Java port of the origional game V1 with an online leader board.
Frozen-Bubble 2 _js. - .Glen Sanson's Javascript port of the original game using keyboard arrows.
Frozen-Bubble 2 IPHONE.-.IPhone version useing mouse control
FB2 - js_mouse - JS PC edition with mouse control bar
Improved sound detection per browser, JS version features.

>ilyon Bubble Shooter
Amazing work by this group. The Google Play / App Store Power Pop Bubbles is one of the best.

Download Frozen-bubble 2 (internet multi-player):
Linux Ubuntu(debian): sudo apt-get install frozen-bubble
(Make sure to enable community updates - settings and sudo apt-get update 1st)
Windows port (unofficial - 199MB)- Unzip, open strawberry-perl- folder and run FB.bat Download
MAC port (unofficial: OSX/Leopard-Intel - - Power Mac

My Frozen Bubble (Mouse driven)
A Frozen bubble mouse driven javascript game I put together modeled after the Java and based on Snoods Frozen bubble. ( without advertising)
Modified layers and program flow. Online leaderboard. Six progressive levels.
Works on the IPHONE

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