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Based on Perl Crossword Maker from that I re-wrote in PHP and added my style and solution/checker
Origional style in PHP.

Crossword 1

By Myrtle Fraser

1. Dearly loved.
5. Two-wheeled vehicle.
7. Organ of hearing.
8. Not Anything.

1. Type of monkey.
2. Type of grasshopper.
3. An immoral habit.
4. Antlered animal.
6. Grass in a garden.

Crossword 2

By Myrtle Fraser

1. Beautiful in appearance.
5. A animal that feeds on ants.
7. Container.
8. Having Liberty.
9. Vocal music.

1. A bunch of ______ (fruit).
2. Bad, decomposed.
3. A web-footed mammal.
4. One who serves.
6. Opposite of yes.

Crossword 3

By Myrtle Fraser

1. Something delivered at one time.
5. Number between thirteen and fifteen.
8. A beast of burden.
10.A hole in the ground.
11.Request person to attend.
12.Attitude expressed with emphasis.

1. Certain, without doubt.
2. Noisy.
3. Refusal to pass a bill approved by the law.
4. Type of bread or grain.
6. Anticipate.
7. Relating to or containing nitrogen.
9. Core or main part.